Oferta Pracy – Marketing and Mobilization Manager – Amnesty International

Oferta Pracy – Marketing and Mobilization Manager

Overall purpose: The Marketing and Mobilization Manager is responsible for mobilising resources for Amnesty International in Poland. S/he will manage the unit, which integrates multidisciplinary teams responsible for fundraising, activism, PR and media.

The Marketing and Mobilization Manager will develop the systems and teams necessary for the implementation of the overall Fundraising, Activism and Media Strategies which meets Amnesty International-s revenue goals; identifying and securing strong public support for Amnesty International-s campaign and other forms of human rights work including new sustainable sources of funding and relationships with members and donors.

Reports to: The Director of Amnesty International Poland

Location: Warsaw, Poland

This is a full-time post

Key Relationships: The Marketing and Mobilization Manager will work with the current and potential donors, consultants, agencies and advisers in the e-marketing and philanthropy industry, AI national and international fundraising staff, public, peer networks amongst other NGOs and will work to strengthen the relationships and collaboration with these constituencies.

Key deliverables: Amnesty International-s broad mobilization objectives in Poland within five years are to:

  • Strengthen the human rights movement in Poland through establishing a growing constituency of support with options for engagement, activism and financial support through a strong mobilization programme which will grow in size and scope, so as to sustain Amnesty International in Poland setting specific targets for financial supporters and activists, gross and net revenue and campaigning actions taken by supporters and activists.
  • Establish a strong and effective supporter communications program including websites, promotional materials and reports, which will retain and build support, targeting strategic audiences, including youth and rights holders
  • Increase AI-s visibility through effective use of media, especially digital and mobile technology


In collaboration with the Director of Amnesty International Poland, the Manager is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Development and delivery of a Fundraising, Activism and Media Strategies and an Operational Plan to achieve the above goals and which are aligned with the movement-s strategy and mobilization priorities in the region and globally
  • Leadership and management
    • Recruitment, development and management of the Marketing and Mobilization Unit staff.
    • Ensure that the Unit-s performance meets the planned targets and be responsible for taking immediate action to improve the performance of the fundraising programme; generate income from new supporters and operate within guidelines etc
    • Contribute to the achievement of AI Poland-s financial and non-financial objectives
    • Establish and manage an effective communication system with supporters and activists to continue their engagement and support
    • Establish and promote an organisational culture of integrated working practices across the AI Poland office to ensure opportunities for resource mobilisation are optimized
    • To research and identify new marketing and fundraising opportunities and prepare activities, developing appropriate approach strategies for each mechanism
  • Mobilization
    • Develop and implement a fundraising and media strategy for Amnesty International Poland, including individual donor recruitment, retention and development strategies, including potential major funders and grant funding strategies
    • Support his/her team in developing and implementing activism strategy
    • Ensure the monitoring and analysis of mobilization activities against agreed targets and take appropriate actions to build on success and manage risk.
    • Coordinate individual engagement strategies, including retention and conversion of donors and members
    • To provide written, verbal and financial reports to the Director and the International Secretariat as requested
    • Collaborate with and integrate into resource mobilisation activities the themes and work of the campaigning and education programme initiatives of AI Poland
    • To be fully conversant with all fundraising regulations and legal issues as they relate to donor fundraising activities and to ensure that AI Poland complies with all relevant legislation
    • Form alliances and networks with other NGOs to share learning, best practice and to lobby governments, banks and service providers for improved legal, cost and infrastructure frameworks for fundraising.
  • Supporter servicing
    • Ensure the timely and accurate administration of donations, the development of effective and timely communication tools and the timely dispatch of thank you letters, receipts, reports, newsletters etc to grow and retain an engaged and dynamic supporter base in Poland
    • Ensure high quality supporter relationship management processes are developed and implemented including appropriate management of supporter queries
    • Ensure regular supporter materials are developed and distributed
  • Financial Management
    • Manage the Marketing and Mobilization Unit expenditure budget of Amnesty International Poland and identify funding needs.
    • Take overall responsibility for administration of donor transactions.

Person Requirements:

Skills and Experience
The ideal candidate will have

  • Min. 3 years proven record of senior level leadership and management success in a fundraising, mobilisation or marketing and emarketing role with knowledge of a wide range of fundraising or marketing techniques and activities, preferably in an international organization.
  • Practical experience of writing and printing marketing communications materials and internet materials
  • Strong analytic and budgeting skills
  • Proven experience of working within deadlines and budgets and reporting on income and expenditure
  • Excellent understanding of media and especially social media
  • Clear experience of working with and managing agencies and teams of supporting volunteers
  • Experience of project management and evaluation
  • Excellent organisational skills with the ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Excellent computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CMR, CMS and databases

Personal skills

  • Ability to motivate others.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to internal and external contacts at all levels
  • A self-motivated individual who has the ability to work as part of and lead a team
  • A creative thinker
  • Strategic and analytical thinking with the ability to translate strategy and concepts into action and to review and adapt plans as required
  • An ability to demonstrate initiative
  • Passion and enthusiasm to represent Amnesty-s cause
  • Genuine commitment to the non-profit sector
  • Reliability and professional attitude
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, and fluency in English and Polish
  • Readiness to report and be accountable.

What Does Success Look Like In This Job-

  • The successful development of fundraising operations and strategy that creates a secure long term income base which leads to a financially self sustainable AI Poland.
  • Good working relationships with in-country and international fundraising and senior staff.
  • Opportunities to fundraise from individuals at the national level identified and acted upon.
  • Good understanding of the national fundraising environment is developed and shared with the movement.
  • Sustained staff retention and a motivated and high performing team that continue to grow professionally and develop their fundraising skills.
  • Calculated risks are taken and learned from.
  • Constant improvement and striving for best practice.

Prosimy o składanie CV i listów motywacyjnych w języku angielskim do 15.09.2012 na adres e-mail: rekrutacja@amnesty.org.pl (z nazwą stanowiska w tytule maila).

Prosimy o dołączenie klauzuli: -Zgodnie z ustawą z dn. 29.08.97 r. o Ochronie danych Osobowych Dz. Ust. nr 133 poz. 883, wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych dla potrzeb niezbędnych do realizacji procesu rekrutacji i selekcji-.

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